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Sterile injectable solution

Therapeutically classification: Vitamin

Composition: Each ml contains:

Vitamin A



Vitamin D3



Vitamin E



Target species: Cattle, Calves, Horses, Foals, Sheep, Goats, Dogs and Cats


Prevention and control of complications caused by vitamin deficiencies

Improvement of metabolism
Maintenance the normal growth
Increase of animal’s resistance against disease and stress due to transportation, vaccination and feed change
Improvement of milk and meat production, fertility and growth

As supportive therapy after treatment of diseases

Mechanism of action:

A, D3 and E are fat-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A: Protects and increases growth of epithelial cells and mucous membranes in various body organs. It is important in strengthening defense mechanism against bacterial/viral infections. This vitamin plays a key role in bone growth, vision and fertility.

Vitamin D3: Is required for proper absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, which are required for normal growth, bone development and teeth formation.

Vitamin E: Regulates cellular oxidation and plays its role in metabolism of carbohydrates, muscles creatine and glycogen. It is a very effective antioxidant that protects unsaturated fatty acids including the essential fatty acids as well as many vitamins and xanthophyll. Vitamin E integrates into cellular membranes and protects against oxidative damage that leads to cell death.

Dosage and administration:

This solution can be administered by IM or SC injection.

Cattle and Horses: 10 ml per animal

Calves and Foals: 5 ml per animal

Sheep and Goats: 3 ml per animal

Dogs: 1-5 ml per animal

Cats: 1-2 ml per animal

For prevention, one injection every 2-3 months and for therapeutic purposes, injections may be given at shorter intervals.

It is recommended that an injection be given in pregnant animals, 3-4 weeks before parturition.

Note: Appropriate timing of treatments will depend on a variety of factors including age, diet, management factors, etc.

Withdrawal time: None


Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Use only under the prescription of a veterinarian.

In use stability: 28 days after first needle insertion.


Do not store above 25°C, keep away from light and freezing.


50 ml vial in a box

For veterinary use only