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Vitamin B-Complex

Oral Solution
Therapeutically classification
: Vitamin B complex
Composition: Each ml contains:

Vitamin B1                      10 mg

Vitamin B2                      1.5 mg

Vitamin B6                         4 mg

Vitamin B3                        25 mg

Vitamin B5                          5 mg

Vitamin B12                         5 µg

Target species: Poultry (Broilers, Breeders, Layers)


Prevention and treatment of complications caused by B-vitamin group deficiencies
Improvement of growth in broilers and production in layers

Improvement of feed conversion ratio
Improvement of fertility and hatchability in breeders
Coping with all kinds of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperature or extreme temperature changes)

Prevention of nervous disorders
Prevention of skeletal disorders
Reduction of diarrhea, enteritis and fat liver syndrome

Mechanism of action:

B-vitamin group are essential co-factors for proper metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Dosage & Administration:
1 liter per 1000-2000 liters of drinking water, for 3-5 days

Withdrawal time: None


Shake well before use.

Should be used within 30 days after opening the seal.

Medicated water should be used within 24 hours.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Use only under the prescription of a veterinarian.


Do not store above 25°C, keep away from light and freezing.


1000 ml HDPE bottle in a box


For veterinary use only