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Sterile powder for injectable suspension

Therapeutically classification: Antibiotic

Composition: Each vial contains:

Penicillin G benzathine               



Target species: Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Dogs and Cats


Benzathine® exerts a bactericidal action against Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus equi, Streptococcus canis, Corynebacterium pyogenes and Clostridium septicum. This drug is for treatment of mastitis caused by Streptococcus and treatment of infections such as pharyngitis, rhinitis, black leg etc.

Mechanism of action:

Penicillin G benzathine has an extremely low solubility thus; the drug is slowly released from injection sites. Penicillin G exerts a bactericidal action against penicillin-susceptible microorganisms during the stage of active multiplication. It acts through the inhibition of biosynthesis of cell-wall mucopeptide. Penicillin G is active against many gram-positive and a limited number of gram-negative bacteria.

The drug is distributed throughout the body tissues in widely varying amounts. Highest levels are found in the kidneys with lower amounts in the liver, skin, and intestines. Penicillin G penetrates into all other tissues to a lesser degree at a very small level found in the cerebrospinal fluid. With normal kidney function, the drug is excreted rapidly by tubular excretion.

Dosage & administration:

Add 5 ml sterile WFI to the powder, shake well then use deep intramuscular injection immediately.        

Ruminants: 44000-66000 IU/ kg B.W. every 48-72 hours

Horses: 10000-40000 IU/ kg B.W. every 48-72 hours

Dogs and Cats: 40000-50000 IU /kg B.W. every 5 days

Contra- indications:

Do not administer IV injection.

Do not use in animals with hypersensitivity to penicillin.

Do not administer concurrently with bacteriostatic antibiotics like tetracycline.


Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Use only under the prescription of a veterinarian.

Withdrawal time:

Milk: 3 days after the last treatment

Meat: 10 days after the last treatment




Do not store above 25 °C, keep away from light and moisture.


25×10 ml flip off-capped vials in a box.

For veterinary use only