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Bayoxy® 5%

Bayoxy® 5%

Bayoxy® 5%

Sterile Injectable Solution

Therapeutically classification: Antibiotic

Composition: Each ml contains:

Oxytetracycline (HCl)



Target species: Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Dogs and Cats


Oxytetracycline is a broad-spectrum bacteriostatic antibiotic. It has activity against most gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, also it is effective against Mycoplasma, Spirochetes, Chlamydia and Rickettsia.

Cattles, Sheep & Goats: For control and treatment of urogenital infections (e.g. metritis, mastitis, pyelonephritis and etc.), respiratory infections (e.g. pasteurellosis, pneumonia, pleurisy) and other infectious diseases (e.g. brucellosis, anthrax, Foot rot, enterotoxaemia, actinomycosis, actinobacillosis and Postoperative infections).

Horses: Articular infections such as Lyme disease, Strangles, enteritis and pneumonia.

Dogs & Cats: Bartonellosis, distemper, kennel cough, Feline pan-leukopenia.

Mechanism of action:

Tetracyclines generally act as bacteriostatic antibiotics and inhibit protein synthesis by binding to 30S ribosomal subunits of susceptible organisms, thereby preventing binding to those ribosomes of aminoacyl transfer-RNA. Tetracyclines also are believed to reversibly bind to 50S ribosomal subunits and additionally alter cytoplasmic membrane permeability in susceptible organisms. In high concentrations, tetracyclines can also inhibit protein synthesis by mammalian cells.


After IM administration of oxytetracycline, peak levels may occur in 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the volume and site of injection. Tetracyclines as a class, are widely distributed in the body, including to heart, kidney, lungs, muscle, pleural fluid, sputum, bile, saliva, urine, synovial fluid, aqueous humour. This drug is almost not distributed in the CSF and does not reach the therapeutic dose. This drug crosses the placental barrier and enters the fetal blood circulation. Excretion of this drug is unchanged through glomerular filtration.

Administration & Dosage:

This medicine can be injected IM, IV and SC.

Recommended dose is 5-10 mg/kg body weight for 4-5 days or 4-10 ml / 45 kg body weight.

Withdrawal time:


Cattles: 14 days after the last treatment

Sheep: 7 days after the last treatment

Milk: 5 days after the last treatment


Administer by slow IM injection and if another injection is required, use a different site for injection.

Avoid administering more than 10 ml in one site.

Intrathecal injection is very dangerous but in case of severe infection, administer with caution.

Administer with extreme caution during the second half of pregnancy because of its effects on fetus (retard fetal skeletal development and discolor deciduous teeth).

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Use only under the prescription of a veterinarian.

In use stability:

14 days after first needle insertion


Do not store above 25°C, keep away from light and freezing.


50 ml vial in a box

For veterinary use only