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Bay Multi® + Electrolyte

Bay Multi® + Electrolyte

Bay Multi® + Electrolyte

Oral solution

Therapeutically classification: Vitamin and electrolyte

Composition: Each ml contains:

Vitamin A                                              10,000 I.U               

Vitamin D3                                             3000 I.U

Vitamin E                                                5 mg

Vitamin B1                                              2 mg

Vitamin B2                                              2 mg                         

Vitamin B3                                              10 mg

Vitamin B5                                               5 mg

Vitamin B6                                               1 mg

Sodium chloride                                    10 mg

Potassium chloride                               1 mg

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate     3 mg

Target Species: Poultry (Broilers, Breeders, Layers), Horses, Cattle, Calves, Sheep, Lambs, Goats and Kids


Maintenance of fluids, electrolytes and acid-base balance in body

Balance of electrolyte and vitamin deficiencies due to dehydration caused by diarrhea

Increase body resistance to environmental stresses (heat, cold, transport, etc.) and vaccination

Increase the activity of enzymes and improve feed conversion ratio

Increase weight gain in broiler chickens and production rate in layers

Before and after the antibiotic and anti-parasite therapy and vaccination

Prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies

Reduce the convalescence period and accelerate the recovery of diseases

Compensate of food deficiency with symptoms such as lethargy, anorexia, reduce or stop the growth and egg production, reduce the body’s resistance to diseases and soft-egg shells

Mechanism of action:

Vitamin A protects and increases growth of epithelial cells and mucous membranes in various body organs.

Vitamin D3 increases calcium and phosphorous absorption and enhances their blood concentration, resulting in balance of essential salts and electrolytes. It also helps proper fixation of calcium in bones and egg shells.

Vitamin E regulates cellular oxidation and plays its role in metabolism of carbohydrates, muscles creatine and glycogen. It prevents oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid and even vitamin A with antioxidant properties.

B vitamin group are water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Electrolytes are used for ionic exchanges, maintaining body fluids and prevention of severe changes in osmotic pressure in intra and extra-cellular fluids.

Dosage & Administration:

Poultry: 1 liter per 800-1000 liters of drinking water, for 3-5 days

Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Goats: 1 ml per 100 kg B.W. per 1 liter of drinking water for 3 days

Calves:  1 to 2 ml per animal 1 liter of drinking water for 3 days

Lambs and Kids: 0.5 to 1 ml per animal per 1 liter of drinking water for 3 days

Withdrawal time: None


Shake well before use.

Should be used within 30 days after opening the seal.

Medicated water should be used within 12 hours.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Use only under the prescription of a veterinarian.


Do not store above 25°C, keep away from light and freezing.


1000 ml HDPE bottle in a box

For veterinary use only