R&D unit of BAYER AFLAK Pharma. Co. was established in 2008 and succeeded to obtain R&D permit from Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Industry in July 2013.
This unit is producing and testing new medicines in an area separated from production site enjoying latest international scientific innovations having most modern equipment.
R&D unit of BAYER AFLAK Pharma. Co. is one of the main branches of company comprising of three units as formulation, analysis and documentation.
Purpose of this unit is designing and developing formulation of new medicines and optimizing the quality of medicines currently are producing by the company. Needless to say that making use of knowledge and experience of personnel of BAYER AFLAK, cooperating with research and academic centers, scientific consultants, making use of the latest pharmaceutical resources and advanced devices facilities is made as working priorities of this unit in order to obtain the determined purposes.

Activities of R&D unit
– Conducting study on initial materials analysis and product, and also designing analysis method, if required;
– Conducting pre-formulation and formulation studies;
– Presenting required information in order to enter new products to medicines list;
– Drafting comprehensive file of medicines and presenting them to obtain medicine production permit;
– Analyzing products and performing stability tests (Validation of analysis test is performed in this phase if required);
– Formulating new products in order to develop company’s products category; and
– Modifying formulation of company’s current productions in order to optimize products’ quality.

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