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About Bayer Aflak

The Bayer Aflak Pharmaceutical Company group as the biggest pharmaceutical Company in the Middle East is located in Azna, Lorestan province.

This Pharmaceutical Company has a long and old determine and constant connection with the latest science in order to eliminate deprivation from this region and obtaining honor in the field of medicine, medical, and veterinary for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This collection consists of 7 large manufacturing factories as follows:

  • Livestock pharmacy

  • Human pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials

  • Vaccine
  • Serum
  • Agricultural, livestock and household pesticides
  • Cosmetics materials 

A total area of Bayer Aflak Livestock and Human Pharmaceutical factory is ​​120,000 m2 with 75000 m2 of building area, 40000 m2 of production hall, 7 and 13 lines to produce the veterinary and human pharmaceutical products, respectively,  with the aim of producing of 200 and 500 items of livestock and human drugs, respectively.

The livestock pharmaceutical factory of this complex was opened on June 02, 2016 with Mr. Jahangiri, first vice president of Hassan Rouhani's government. It has been pioneered in the field of pharmaceutical industry in Iran and Asia using experienced experts in various fields and educating with the latest science. The production lines of this factory include:  

  • Penicillin sterile powder for injectable
  • Cephalosporin sterile powder for injectable
  • Oral solutions and suspensions
  • Liquid injectable solutions and suspensions
  • Oral powder (water soluble and premix)
  • All types of pre-filled sterilized ointments such as intra mammary, intrauterine, and...
  • Boluses and pills

Use of Europe daily technology in machinery and equipment is one of the factors caused this collection be the best ones in the pharmaceutical industry in Asia, which was studied by engineers and senior advisers in the engineering department and was provided by the trading team.

The research and development unit began its activities with market research and comprehensive studies in the formulation, analysis, and documentation and succeeded in obtaining an R&D license from the Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran in the shortest time. Also, this unit obtained a veterinary license with all the specialized units of the complex, including commercial units, laboratories, planning, and warehouses.    

Clearly, the trading unit has been conducted comprehensive researches in all references around the world to provide quality materials approved by the Veterinary Organization and the Ministry of Health.

To complete the more quality of the products, the specialized laboratories of this complex are composed, consist of laboratories of the raw materials and packaging control, stability, microbiology, chemistry, and laboratory of control during production, and all tests are done according to the latest pharmacopoeias of the world.

It should be noted that the role of units such as planning and warehouses in production is obvious and Bayer Aflak Pharmaceutical Company reached this important by employing specialized and native experts.

After coordinating between different units and producing the product in each line, it is the quality assurance unit turn to supply the output product with maximum quality.

We hope to reach a healthy society with the efforts of the experts of this collection because Bayer Aflak Pharmaceutical Company believes that health is for all creatures.


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